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Online Craps

Craps is one of the most exciting online casino games. It looks a little confusing game at first look but the fact remains that the game offers low house edge. When you are playing online craps you are betting in the favor of the person who rolls the dice. If the come out roll is two, three, seven, eleven, or twelve then the round is supposed to be closed and therefore the bets are paid. If some other numbers gets rolled in then a point number is made.

Various other bets can also be made on the table which at times the things can become a little confusing for the players. A pass bet is when in the start of the new round, the player makes one bet that brings more than 1.4 percent of the house edge. The player gets to win on the come out roll is a seven or eleven and loses when two, three, and twelve arrives.

With the pass bet the player can make double odd bets but it does not have house edge. With this the house edge comes down more and becomes one of the bets to be made. It is more beneficial to make use of different strategies when you play the game of craps on the internet.

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