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Mobile Casino Sites

In the past few years, mobile online casinos have really made a big surge forward. The addition of the newest way to play your favorite casino games has created a situation where you can basically take your casino with you anywhere you want provided that you have a connection via Wifi, 3G or 4G. There are a few major platforms for these games, and you'll want to make sure to pick the right platform for the type of phone you have. We'll show you everything you need to know about to get in on the action with these games.

The Three Software Platforms

The three major software platforms for mobile casinos are Java, Macromedia Flash and HTML5. Java platforms are on their way out, and you would only use this type of platform as a last resort on phones that can't run the newer software. Macromedia Flash is the most popular platform currently and allows developers to make feature-rich games with lots of impressive graphics and sound. HTML5 can do the same things that Flash can, but it has more capabilities for getting better performance out of your mobile device, so a lot of sites are moving over to the HTML5 platform for their games.

Installing the Mobile Casino App

Getting started is pretty easy if you have a phone that was made in the past several years. All you'll need to do is go to the website for the casino that you want to play with. Go through to the mobile section, and the right download will automatically come up for you since the site itself can detect what type of phone you're using. The app can be added in just a few moments, and then you're ready to log in and play just like you would log in to any other type of game or app on your phone.

Touchscreen Interface

Something that's really cool about modern phones and tablets is that you can use a touchscreen interface to play your favorite casino titles. Slots come alive in the palm of your hand since you can pull down reels manually, or you can play video poker by tapping on the cards that you want to discard. Even in games like blackjack, you can interact with the interface to have one of the most immersive experiences possible while playing casino games without actually being in a land-based casino.

Differences in the Games

You're going to be able to play all of your favorites in a mobile casino without having to worry about anything being significantly different. The only differences in the games have to do with making the interface easier to use on the mobile platform with its smaller screen sizes. Generally speaking, this will include some changes to the control interface to integrate it with a touchscreen (if available) and some changes to the font sizes to make them easier to read. Other than that, you'll have the same experience on your favorite titles as always.

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